For over 40 years, photographer Charles Adams has successfully unmasked legends of the Silver Screen, dignitaries and politicians. Unlike star photographers who glamorize and accentuate their celebrity distinction, Adams captures stars undisguised of such celebrity image revealing an approachable or even "commonness" aside from their reputable status.
The focus of this photographer is neither glamour nor glitz, but rather to capture a piece of the inner person. Adams discovers who the soul is behind the star status. Often times, without makeup, lighting, wardrobe, cameras, the illusion of stardom is replaced by a persona of reality, showing the same vulnerability, sensitivity, frustration and fear that everyone parades through life. Stars, through their own determination to succeed, seemingly manage to rise above the obstacles that engulf others, and take their seats in celebridom, for the entire world to see and admire.
Charles Adam's photographic images, appearing in the newspapers and magazines, have introduced millions of people to a revealing side of the star that most people never dreamed existed. Cable News Network and the Herald Examiner have paid tribute to his unique ability to make a familiar face like Marlon Brando or George Burns appear to be just another face in the crowd. The late Sir Hugh Greene, former head of the British Broadcasting Corporation, described Charles Adam's photographs of the stars and Hollywood as art images of an undiscovered Hollywood.
Step into the GALLERY to experience an extraordinary collection of images, as the photography of Charles Adams takes you up close to some of the legends of our time. And watch Charles Adams on the MEDIA page as he talks about the art and craft of photography.

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